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Shamanistic Perspective

TraumpfadeBeing a shaman means to be a servant. He serves human beings, the grass, the earth, the whole universe, he wants to be understood as a mediator between worlds. In trance and dreams and always with a certain question in mind he journeys into non-ordinary realms to query aid and advice. He enters into contact with animals, plants, mountains (the nature of the divine in everything ), with spiritual leaders (e.g. angels, ancestors) requesting aid and help; he wants to be seen as a mediator between human beings and their creator. Shamans know about the hidden energies behind visual forms of life and know how to unite with this universal and all-inspiring power. Shamanism is spirituality that is lived.

Healing from the shamanistic perspective brings a change on a much deeper level of both body and spirit. This may be the learning of the ability to see things as they are and to live with them the way they are. Healer and the person who wants to be healed form an alliance with each other, they open to each other, they are emotionally touched on a very deep level. Being touched by words, by hands, by the consciousness of the own inner energy. For me, the inner light represents a very special energy, it is the direct contact to divine energy. I can see it in every person, sometimes being hidden by sorrows, doubts, worries or illnesses.

It is a deep pleasure to me to awaken this ability together with you, to make you feel and see this energy growing in your life. It is the source of energy of each human being. Being related to this source means facilitating your daily routine, means improving your intuition and strengthening your own healing forces.




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