Workshop: Shamanistic Woman and She-Wolf

Women re-discover their potential

This weekend deals with two fundamental powers in us: the wild woman and the shamanic woman. Imagine the following situation: you are sitting at a camp fire together with two very strong personalities: on the one side there is the shamanistic woman: a woman in contact with the divine spirituality, capable of reading and interpreting the signs, having access to healing energies. On the other side there is the she-wolf: a woman in contact with the primitive vital powers which are birth and death, desire and rage, following her own rules, guided by this profound wisdom in her soul, knowing how to follow the paths of her life. These female archetypes are inherent in every woman. They may be awakened by you, given space in your life. That is the key to your inner self, to the substance that “satisfies” you. We discover our joyful liveliness, how - by giving a meaning to our life and by actually living our sensuousness and in harmony with the divine spirituality - to make use of this power, for ourselves and for others.

Methods and techniques: NLP, (?) female archetypes, energy activation and ernergy balancing, drum-induced trance, healing circle and our personal inner knowledge.


Together with Donata Oerke
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