Workshop: Respectfulness – Relaxation and Meditation in your Daily Life

Die eigene Mitte finden

I'm living my life in spiraling gyres
that move over choirs nearby.
I never may reach the last of the spires,
but still my resolve is to try.

I circle round God, the ancient expanse -
for thousands of years, I can tell -
and yet I know not, what I am to be thence:
A falcon? A storm? A chorale?

Rainer-Maria Rilke 

I live my life …..

Is it what we are really doing? Do we live our life in growing circles which come upon what

we fulfilled……?

Don’t we often get stuck in the midst of our activities and feel as if our life resembles to a “circulus vitiosus,” more being spun round by all the daily necessities than living our circles in a respectful way? Moreover: do we live our circles in accordance with the divine? Or is it more in accordance with our diary or the needs and troubles of our life? If this state predominates, you will feel a growing exhaustion that represents an exhaustion without direction.

The question for us is: Where do we go to? How can we find our particular path of life? Our peace, our own security about how to act. Our personal chance largely depends on this question. To prepare the ground for such a question, we first of all have to find back to the calmness and silence within us, leaving behind all the loud thoughts and urging feelings.We are tracking the silence within us, all we tend to suppress or push away. Meditation is a very practical way of finding the inner respectfulness.

Participants will meet on 6 evenings or on one weekend and get familiar with different depth meditation techniques, all suited to be integrated into our daily life. Old strain and emotional blockage may be dissolved and make place to a bright joyfulness.

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