Ancient and modern Knowledge and Actions

Hier finden Sie Links zu schamanisch und/oder spirituell arbeitenden Menschen, deren Arbeit ich kenne und schätze.

  • Inner Paths

    Meetings with shamans of different cultures enable Vera Griebert-Schröder to let her clients participate in the energies of the spritual world.

  • Galsan Tschinag

    Galsan Tschinag was born in 1943 in the mountains of the Altai /Mongolia. He is singer, shaman and tribal chief of the small, turk-speaking minority Tuwa /Mongolia. Over the past 30 years he has written more than 20 books in German...

  •  Wilma Brüggemann

    Management Galsan Tschinag in Europe, founder and leader of Förderverein Mongolei

  •  Barbara Simeon, President of www.open-hearts-for-mongolia.ch

    has founded the nonprofit association in Switzerland to support the Tuva nomads.

  • Ruth Herbák

    Ruth Herbak call your healing power through Therapeutic Touch

  • Dr. med. Birgit Koerdt-Brüning

    Dr. med. Birgit Koerdt-Brüning combinates modern psychotherapeutic treatment with shamanic healing

  • Center for ancient and modern Knowledge and Actions e.V.

    To overstep existing restrictions we first of all have to change the perception for the own and for collective life alternatives. Spirituality that does not change your daily routine is useless.

  •  Jeanette Schmid works with integrated bodywork

    Her bodywork contains awareness in breath, movment, massage, reflection, energy work

  • Celestine Community (german)

    The portal for all people interested in the phenomenon of Celestine.The main issues are exchange of information and of experience as well as establishing contacts – a contribution to a better understanding of all human beings.

  • Nicole Jehle

    Master of photograph, I can recommend her for portrait and art photography

  •  Evi Fischer

    Edelsteinmassagen, Wirbelsäulenbehandlungen, alternative Heilbehandlungen.

  • COP-Coaching, Organisation & PR

    Birgitt Morrien’s advisory work concentrates on individuals or groups undergoing exceptional processes of change. As far as the content is concerned, she first of all aims at clarifying the possible prospects in order to regain self-assurance in both decision and action.



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