Shamanistic Healing and Vision

Heaven is within You” says Angelus Silesius.

My origins are in the light, I am light and I return into the light. I live my dreams and dream my life, feeling safe and secure, held by the earth, in relation with heaven. This deep relation to heaven and earth is the source of all my energy which I look forward to share with you.

Depending on the question you have in mind, different working methods will apply, such as:

  • energy treatment
  • confrontation with the inner child
  • activation of the proper self-healing powers
  • removal of physical/emotional blockage
  • guidance for meditation
  • instructions for mourning practice
  • search for visions and meaning of life
  • shamanistic journeying into trance and visions
  • discovering and developing inherent powers and potentials
  • guidance for dreaming
  • awakening the radiant inner light in a close relation with heaven and earth
  • messages referring to actual life issues
  • advice in situations of conflicts and personal crisis
  • rituals for human beings and nature

This may happen on the occasion of one-to-one meetings, in groups or workshops. You learn how to calmly master difficult situations in your life, how to regain what you have lost, how to let go what has overcome, in short terms: to heal your own soul.

I will show you that it is possible – even at our times – to live with an alert inner power, to listen to the voice of your dreams, to find your own vision. It is a way to inner peace and deep power.



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