Cultural development as well as recognition of cultural diversity are of great importance to the cohabitation of races and humankind and for overcoming crises. In the long run, peace and security may not be ensured only by international agreements, but must be based on the intellectual und moral solidarity of people.

For practising solidarity, recognition and knowledge are required. It seems that our world has shrunk continually since the worldwide netting by media- our livingrooms are flooded by colourful pictures. But do we really learn to better understand distant cultures or are we simply floating on the surface of all this imported exotic?

To create an atmosphere of real exchange and of dialogue we have to face up to the facts, we must provide the appropriate ‘setting’ for experience. By dealing with art from all over the world you may develop a better understanding for other cultures or - in the reflection of it - a better self-image and better understanding of world processes.

As a result the idea of largely designed and installed projects developed, thus introducing people into foreign cultures, religions and ways of thinking.

The project “Dialogue of the Cultures”with 16 individually arranged expositions and 20 supporting events may be understood as such an idea.



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