My favourite Piece of Jewellery

I have no special favourite piece of jewellery. If –as in my case – a piece is designed and performed with deep power and inner joy there is always this kind of astonishing breathtaking once the work being accomplished, wondering who might have been responsible for the safe guidance of my hand, knowing that archaic knowledge and strength from the depth of ancient times have flown together and united. All my work is stored within me, filling my heart with immense joy, even when, finally, they have found the adequate person worth to wear it.




There is, for example, “KOORI”, a work made from sterling silver, fine gold, bones and labrador stone, developed and created according to a dream. I did not know anything about the word “KOORI”, however – being an archaic dream which took place in Australia - I presumed, that it might derive from the aborigines’ language. This was confirmed by my Australian friend Digby explaining to me that it represented the powerful voice of the country speaking throughout human beings.



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